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Rapidité et efficacité du service.
Oui, Si besoin je ferai à nouveau appel aux services de SFM
Very pleasant to work with, very reactive and professional! I will for sure work with SFM again!
It has been wonderful service, everything has flown so smoothly. both with the contact and quick response and payment method. I would like to thank Maria Egizia Gargini who has taken care of me, very professionally. now I have two companies at SFM and recommends you to my environment.

Have a beautiful day.
Best regards
I have been very happy with the service. I have had a number of complex issues that I wanted solutions to, and the team has been responsive and extremely helpful in helping me find a solution that is effective and tailored to my needs. I have found the team to be professional, transparent and effective in all my dealings. A pleasure to work with them!
Very kind and as fast as it is possible!
Service in general has been excellent and timely, but advice on banking have not been sufficiently informed.
It could be better if step-by-step procces was advised. That way it would really reduce time required for all, and alow customer to prepare all documents in advance.
but, all together, support from SFM and response was great.
Thank you.

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